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Agile transformation involves teams working differently from the chain-of-command bureaucracies.


This method of working is more often than not misunderstood by teams that are part of the agile transformation. What happens is agile becomes for the team a problem that is complex, a problem whose solution is first unclear and a problem that is likely to change.

Agile coaches are often engaged to “solve” this problem. Agile coaches introduce new methodologies in an attempt to instil new values, principles, practices, and benefits and are a radical alternative to command-and-control-style management, unfortunately missing a key principle behind agile teams that they in fact are systems.

What is ORSC™+Agile?


The following series of specially created workshops use Organisation Relationship and Systems Coaching (ORSC™) tools to assist agile coaches to help agile teams navigate the systems view of themselves in the context of the entire agile transformation journey.

Why ORSC™+Agile?

Understand the impact of ORSC™ and Systems in the world of Agile and Digital Transformation

  • Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and Transformation Coaches/Experts/Consultants have notably applied ORSC™ tools in their work

  • The use of self and self awareness is critical in Transformation Acceleration hence this series of webinars focus on applying ORSC™ and Systems approach in Agile

  • Systems Inspired Leadership requires artful and courageous leadership, this course offers tools for direct application for Transformation Acceleration

A Series of 4 Webinars

The Series of 4 modules will be held over Zoom. Zoom Links will be provided for registrants.

Pre-requisites apply. See below for details.




  1. Introduction Game

  2. Deep Democracy

  3. Designing Team Alliance

  4. Positivity Exercise


  • ​Surface early signs of behavioural patterns that potentially can impact their agile transformation journey

  • Stretch and challenge the team in the process and tools for creativity and spontaneity

  • Design a safe space to reveal the agile team as a system to itself

Agile teams are formed in many different ways but once the team is formed it stays a team with a clear commission and contract on what it must deliver.

A good agile team is a team where projects in which they are good at go. Setting up the team for success at the start of their journey is crucial.

The heart of this workshop is the use of Deep Democracy to start the agile team's transformation journey on an enlightened view of the system that they are and are going to become in the agile transformation.

Deep Democracy is one of the most powerful tools in the Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) arsenal, however it still remains one of the most under-utilized.

Using it in this workshop provides a powerful start to the team forming.


ORSC™ Fundamental or ORS@Work

+ ORSC™ Intelligence




  1. Geography Game

  2. Lands Work

  3. Inner & Outer Roles Work

  4. Drama Game


  • Break down barriers that potentially exist in the team that is hindering them to become a coherent whole

  • Develop empathetic understanding of each other's operating mode to better cope with the demands of delivery in every agile iteration

  • Help the members of the team let go of what they previously accustomed to in their previous position to now be being part, and playing a role in the system that is their agile team

​As the agile team start working their way to be a coherent whole, shifts and drifts in attitudes and behaviours become obvious.

Each team member's operating mode how they perceive they are contributing to the whole are important to acknowledge and normalize.

Through this workshop using the Organisational Relationship 
Systems Coaching (ORSC™) Geography tools that are useful for understanding each others "lands," the agile team is exposed to what perhaps needs to be revealed about each others operating mode.


ORSC Fundamental or ORS@Work

+ ORSC™ Intelligence

+ ORSC™ Geography




  1. Problem and Solution

  2. 3 Levels of Reality

  3. Metaskills Wheel

  4. Story Swap


  • Identify the preferred levels of reality of each member of the team

  • Anchor the team back to their Designed Team Alliance

  • Help the team identify ways for working together that is generative


Agile is not a cure-all for teams to guarantee success in every endeavour. As pressure mounts with delivery at each iteration, teams struggle to find common ground impacting the collaboration and interactions that agile is advocating.

Using the tools of Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) Path, this workshop is designed to have the agile team members co-creating rather than competing by revealing to them where each of the members operate in the delivery of an item in their backlog in an iteration.


ORSC Fundamental or ORS@Work

+ ORSC™ Intelligence

+ ORSC™ Geography

+ ORSC™ Path




  1. Observation Game

  2. Paper Constellation

  3. Bringing Down the Vision

  4. Patterns


  • Reveal to the system how they are in relationship to each other and other systems or elements around them

  • Provide the team a vision to aspire for moving forward in their agile transformation journey

  • Transform the way they see each other in the system


A great agile team is not just that runs great agile ceremonies or has the most groomed backlog;


A great agile team is all about the vision - not only of those who define the work that they do and also a vision for team as a system. It is also about them being together and what they can achieve for the team.


Utilising tools from Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) Geography and Path, discover how well the agile team is connecting - connecting to each other in the system and also to wider system that the team is a part of the organization.


ORSC Fundamental or ORS@Work

+ ORSC™ Intelligence

+ ORSC™ Geography

+ ORSC™ Path

+ ORSC™ Systems Integration

ORSC™+Agile Workshop Fees


  • Agile Kick Off: TBC

  • All 4 Modules: TBC


Prices indicated are for participants from Singapore and Australia only.

Please indicate your region below and we will revert with updated price upon availability of new ORSC™+Agile workshops.

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Victor Nunez is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Organisation and Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC), Certified Scrummaster (CSM), Systemic Team Coaching Licensed Practitioner, Immunity to Change Model practitioner, Non-Violent Communication Practitioner, Alchemy (Art of Co-facilitation) Practitioner. 

With his practice and innate understanding of marrying ORSC™ and Agile in his work, Victor shares his deep expertise and knowledge through the ORSC™+Agile Series.

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