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1.  Upskilling | Re-skilling Enablement in Systems Inspired Workforce


An in-house, customized training program focused on enabling your team in the areas of Relationship Systems Intelligence®, coaching, systems leadership, alignment, conflict management and resilience.

Organizations run on the emotional currency of relationships and connectivity. No matter how sophisticated your technology, how educated your employees, how powerful your leadership, unless there is a high level of relationship systems intelligence, productivity and success will be compromised.


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Workforce of the Future

Enabling your people for the Future of Work

We have identified only 3 areas we know that you know, as leaders. Enabling Workforce of the Future can seem like a big behemoth, we get that.

We will develop processes that are holistic, highly inclusive, participatory and collaborative. Designed intentionally to generate shared optimism for change that facilitates the sharing of knowledge through the harnessing of collective intelligence thereby enabling the human (people) system to proactively renew itself in co-creating its future and opportunities.

Simultaneously, leaders gain insights into systems thinking, experience the impact of its approach and skill up leadership in re-building your workforce for the future.

We have simplified the ways of tackling this in the following formats.

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Organization 3.0:

New forms of flatter, project-based, collaborative, virtual, informal organizations dominate – enabled by technology and a global mobile workforce. 

Image by Papaioannou Kostas

Preparing for Resilience:

As we move forward, wider recognition of adaptation to climate, economic and leadership change plays an increasingly important role in defining both governmental and business attitudes and risk strategies.

Image by Donny Jiang

The Increasing Value of Data:

As organizations grab more data, it becomes a currency of value and a price. Data is also inherent as a key resource living in your workforce. 

2.  Corporate Coaching & Consulting


CRR Global has helped hundreds of companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies around the world through our groundbreaking Relationship Systems Intelligence work.


Together with our most senior certified practitioners, we bring:

  • 20 years of experience working with corporate and non-profit organizations.

  • Experienced ORSC™ coach/consultants in 30 countries around the world.

  • Capacity to work with any size organization, large or small.

  • Multiple areas of application expertise; from change management to leadership development, employee engagement to team effectiveness as well as organizational resilience.


Please contact us to create a customized proposal for your review if you feel your organization or client would benefit from a dedicated ORSC™ coaching or consulting.

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3.  Creating Culture@Work


A learning organization is an agile and resilient organization. As jobs are made redundant and new skills are required in areas of not just technology but how to use and be with a remote workforce, digitalization and transformation, we can partner with you to co-create and enable your team and people.

Get in touch with us to increase the capability for you and your team as we advocate a Culture@Work where:

  • Curiosity builds bridges. 

  • Conflict is a sign that something new is trying to happen. 

  • An intelligent team is a productive team. 

  • Change is inevitable, so lead the charge. 

  • 'Leader' is a role that is shared in the system.

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The following are formats of our engagement:

Organizational and Team Coaching

The beauty of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching is that it supports both small and large-scale coaching engagements from entire departments, divisions, to organizations. All of which will benefit from real-time interventions around culture, leadership, change and conflict management.

The ORSC Team and Organizational Coaching can be executed in person or via teleconferences,  depending on the client's need and the geographic location of the team members.

Executive Coaching 

CRR Global maintains a deep and experienced panel of ORSCC (Organization & Relationship Systems Certified) Blue Ribbon Coaches who bring a relationship systems focus to their one-on-one and one-on-two coaching sessions.

ORSC is created for any relationship. Whether they’re coaching a C-level executive, a new manager with direct reports, or co-owners of a small organization, the ORSC approach will make a system-wide impact.

Consulting & Coaching Engagements

CRR Global is proud to have collaborated with many of our clients to co-create original training and development curriculum, with support for those trained to deliver it (train-the-trainer). Some partners have licensed existing curriculum while others have consulted with us to design a unique solution. Our curriculum works well with other training and coaching modalities and is robust to support a vast array of development initiatives.

Source: CRR Global
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