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Module 1

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Work in today’s complex world hastens our pace and increases the stakes. The Internet facilitates global collaboration 24/7, businesses are carried out across continents, time zones and cultures. Work that was once performed by individuals is now being tasked to teams. The increase in numbers of knowledge-workers who must share information, insights, learning and best practices in order for companies to succeed compounds the stresses on communication channels.  


How can organizations create a work environment and culture that supports our complex human interactions that embraces conflict, retains valuable knowledge-workers and change at the speed of light while remaining profitable and productive?  


ORS@Work explores the ORSC™ model within a business context and application. This foundational course raises the awareness of the team’s collective identity known as The Third Entity and how to constructively engage it as a powerful tool to lean into the system’s strength, trust and alignment, creating a strong element of positivity.   


The impact?


It neutralises judgements into raw data providing clues that enables you to skilfully tune in to the voices of the system to gather the collective wisdom for what is emerging so as to leverage the inherent power of working relationships.   


The concepts presented in this course helps you overcome setbacks that prevent your clients from reaching its potential.  

Course Outline

The innovative ORS@Work course is a two-day (or 4 half days) foundational course that explores the ORSC methodology, a groundbreaking model for coaching workplace relationships and organizations that will invigorate the the way you work as a coach and leader.  


You will be introduced to a cutting-edge coaching model based dynamically on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching™.  


Learn the skillset and mindset shaping the Workforce of the Future through understanding our proprietary Relationship Systems Intelligence® which catalyses the capacity of teams and groups to move beyond the personal to a powerfully generative group identity.  


You will learn how to leverage Relationship Systems Intelligence to tackle some of the common ailments that plague work environments such as:  


  • communication that is ineffective and toxic 

  • low team morale or burnout   

  • conflict avoidance and unresolved issues  

  • untapped creativity and productivity   

  • confusion about roles within teams  

  • working with the fear and lack of safety from speaking out  


You will receive participatory training in the use of a relationship systems approach to coaching in a variety of applications through a combination of scenarios and live material. You will have numerous opportunities to practice the 7 Key ORSC™ Tools  in this module.   




Learning Outcomes


You will be equipped and empowered with the following ORSC™ concepts, language and tools as learning outcomes.   


Acquiring the 7 tools in this module will shift the way you work with people, relationship systems and organizations and you will:   


  • Understand modern systems thinking and its importance in navigating change and relationship dynamics.

  • Build stronger relationship alliances that empowers and shifts one’s impact as a leader and increases ownership and accountability in teams and organizations.  

  • Explore ORSC™’s proprietary Relationship Systems Intelligence™ as another intelligence beyond Emotional and Social Intelligence.  

  • Understand various team toxins and its antidotes/conflict resolution strategies in navigating challenging team dynamics.

  • Navigate resistance and conflict through an alignment tool that respects partnership and increases ownership.  

  • Recharge work and life partnerships through a narrative tool that sparks strong positive associations for the business or relationship. This is one of the model’s go-to tools for increasing team morale, instilling stronger culture at work and addressing burnout.


  • Facilitate a non-verbal interactive process that offers a powerful snapshot of the system at any given moment.

Who Would Benefit

  • Human growth partners  

  • Organisational Development, Human Resource and Training professionals 

  • Organisational Leaders, CEOs, Managers and Executives    

  • Experienced Coaches, Transformation and Leadership Coaches    

  • Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters  

  • Consultants  

  • Anyone who needs to lead teams



ICF Accreditation

ORSC™ is the world’s 1st ICF-Accredited (ACTP) systems (team) coaching training program by CRR Global since 2003.

By completing the ORSC™ Fundamentals course, you will receive a certificate and qualify for 12 ICF Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs).

Course Outline
Learning Outcomes
Who Would Benefit
ICF Accreditation
Your ORSC™ Journey

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