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Module 4

Vision and Potential


Path: Vision & Potential is the third out of the 4 modules of the Advanced Intermediate Series of the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Program. 

With Geography, you came to know and understand your relationship systems better. Understanding structure and roles in your teams kickstart high team performance. As your organization moves forward together, how do you capture and chart your team's true potential? 

Relationships are inherently creative. We've seen firsthand that when people come together, co-creation naturally takes place. Plans. Visions. Ideas. Strategy. There is generative power in all of our relationships. However, we may not always be aware of our impact on the people around us. 

This module trains you to harness the ‘dreaming | visioning’ power and potential in your relationships by injecting conscious awareness and intentionality into the process. 

Explore possibilities and discover the creative flows in your relationships. Be at choice with the impact you want to create. 

Course Outline


This module offers broad and practical tools that will help you to: 

  • Maximize the potential of relationships: In all of the projects we undertake, as a team or otherwise, we may hold unconscious fear and stress responses. Being aware of these fears and how to address them helps us to fully reach our potential.

  • Manage differences and conflict in relationships: Understanding the levels of reality in which our teams operate would allow us to critically identify, acknowledge and address potential pain points. 

  • Chart next steps in systemic shifts: Our realities are constantly changing, along with the narratives we tell ourselves and the people around us. Understanding these past, present and future narratives help us to manage the respective transitions our organization needs to move towards and on a personal level, our lives. 

Being aware of the interdependence of our people helps us to harness their power in navigating the future that is emerging. WE hold the key to how we navigate our future in spite of resistance. After all, being in alignment doesn't necessitate being in agreement.

This module equips you with the skills, mindsets and tools to uncover deep meaning and navigate the ultimate diversity work in the inter-dependency and inter-connectedness of our most critical system - relationship systems. This then supports us in charting a vision for our goals and how to make them a reality.




Learning Outcomes


You will in this advanced intermediate series, be introduced to, equipped and empowered with the following ORSC™ concepts, language and tools as learning outcomes.


You will learn to be competent with the module’s robust tools and skills for increasing emotional resilience in the face of change. With Path: Vision and Potential, you will:

  • Understand the theory and application of different levels of reality and how they are critical to the healthy functioning of partnerships and teams of all kinds

  • Be able to uncover and coach the conscious and unconscious fears that drive behaviors that ultimately impact goal orientation

  • Bring awareness and work with the essence of partnership or culture at work to support your client and teams in accessing it

  • Be able to understand the function of narratives surrounding relationships and organizations and how to address changes in these narratives over time

  • Be equipped with tools to consciously create and influence team dynamics for the sake of their agenda

  • Acquire a set of organizational tools for bringing organizational vision down into practical reality

Who Would Benefit

  • Human growth partners

  • Organizational Development, Human Resource and Training professionals.

  • Organizational Leaders, CEOs, Managers and Executives  

  • Experienced Coaches, Transformation and Leadership Coaches  

  • Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters

  • Consultants

  • Change Agents and Leaders

  • Policymakers, futurists and systems workers



  1. ORSC™ Fundamentals or ORS@Work

  2. Intelligence: Roadmap to Change

  3. Geography: Roles & Structures

ICF Accreditation

By completing the ORSC Path course, you will receive a certificate and qualify for 18 ICF Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs).

Course Outline
Learning Outcomes
Who Would Benefit
ICF Accreditation
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