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For those still curious about ORSC™

An Elf Coaching | CRR APAC Initiative

We tend to immediately think of technology systems and business processes in organizations as sophisticated, complicated and complex operational challenges. Rarely do we realize that the relationship systems that exist in the human and team dynamics of the organization is, in fact, one of the most complex systems to navigate.

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) pioneered by Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller is a practitioner’s toolkit aimed at being more skillful in navigating just that - Relationship Systems IntelligenceTM (RSI™). Some of the fundamental systemic insights and behaviors in Relationship Systems Intelligence™ include having crucial conversations, building powerful dialogue, and avoiding toxic communication styles.

Think of the new realities in your COVID-19 affected life and work today. What is the impact on you and your relationships? What does it mean to be in an all exclusive ‘virtual relationship’? How are you navigating the disruption without compromising the connections? What’s the most challenging relationship change you are facing? What are you learning about yourself in relationship in these uncertain times?

It’s not about me, it’s not about me and you. It’s about us.


Our coaching approach to teams and systems is informed by multiple relationships at play in every situation so as to arrive at greater empathy, social attunement and key drivers of collaboration and resilience.​

We invite you to join us in exploring a different way of approaching leadership and team interactions. 

In this virtual and interactive session, we will:

  • Understand what Relationship Systems Intelligence™ means and its importance in today’s world 

  • Go deeper into one out of the 5 RSI™ Principles through peer learning

  • Explore a critical distinction of the listening skill unique to ORSC and navigating team dynamics

  • ​Share more about Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching and its impact


This live virtual session is brought to you by Elf Coaching – CRR Global Partner in APAC.

Upcoming Session

ORSCurious | Elfarina Zaid
ORSCurious | Elfarina Zaid
Apr 03, 2024, 10:00 AM GMT+8
Online (Zoom) | For all curious about ORSC
10 am to 11.15 am SGT | MYT | PHT 1.00pm to 2.15pm AEDT | 3.00pm to 4.15pm NZT

Event Schedule

Image by Matt Walsh

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