The Art and Science of Faciliation

Upscale your leadership through the power of co-facilitation.

In a dynamic results-oriented environment, where leaders are leading teams of teams and where leaders are constantly challenged to collaborate and navigate change, the Art & Science of Co-Facilitation enables and empowers leaders to harness collective wisdom,


Based on the ORSC model, Alchemy is a three-day course designed for pairs that: ​co-facilitate, co-lead, co-present or co-coach.​

Magical co-facilitation doesn't just happen. But knowing how to mix science and systems theory with verve and vitality gives you and your partner the power to create and deliver great programs together.


Alchemy is for leaders who are increasingly needing to facilitate to create buy in, head meetings and navigate change. It is also for coaches, especially team and systems coaches; and facilitators who want to "up their game." You will incorporate the latest from systems and adult learning theories plus tips from neuroscience into your repertoire. And you will learn how to deliver seamlessly and in-sync with your partner.

The focus is on co-delivery. The dynamic of two people facilitating well together creates a deep connection with participants and a sense of energy and safety that support learning that sticks.


Have you ever left a workshop feeling uplifted and inspired? How about ready, able and excited to implement what you have learned?

Creating that kind of impact is what Alchemy is all about.​

This course allowed us to enhance our understanding of what makes a successful facilitator and co-leader.

We’ve been business partners for years and the Alchemy course has brought our partnership to a new level. We highly recommend it to anyone who is called upon to work in tandem with another professional to lead, train, coach, counsel or facilitate.


Shekinah Shepherd CPCC, ORSCC and Mike Dorman CPCC

What is Alchemy?


  • Learn to shift your attention from yourselves as individuals to the power of your relationship

  • Learn the strengths and edges of who you are in your partnership

  • Learn how to create psychological safety, trust, permission in the room and your partnerships

  • Walk away with tools to support and create a wise, dynamic partnership that is courageous, resilient and committed to delivering value to your  stakeholders

Why Alchemy?

Understand the impact of ORSC and Systems Inspired Leadership on facilitation

  • Co-partnership requires skilful interaction, and this course offers skillsets to enable co-partnership in a facilitative setting

  • The use of self and self awareness is critical in professional settings and personal relationship, take a sneak peak of some skillsets and mindsets of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (even if you have no prior experience)

  • Systems Inspired Leadership requires artful and courageous leadership, this course offers tools for application in a room full of people



Master your impact on participants / colleagues and their learning

  • Charm participants to enhance their success

  • Model intended behaviours as you are teaching them

  • Set or change the energy and pace consciously and intentionally

  • Craft clever transitions when moving from one section to another

Apply adult learning theory and neuroscience

  • Ensure the learning sticks by setting participants up for success

  • Point participants’ attention to what you want them to learn

  • Have fluid, meaningful debriefs that cement this new learning

  • Give generous and incisive feedback

Create chemistry with your co-facilitator

  • Align so you can deliver together seamlessly - even if you have just met

  • Be aware of and receptive to your co-facilitator and the energy of the group

  • Make each other shine – even when you disagree

  • Help learners see your co-facilitator’s brilliant demonstration of what you are teaching

Have easy command instead of a regimented power and control style of teaching

  • Shift from focusing on your agenda to focusing on what your learners need

  • Trust yourself so you can tear up your script and respond to what’s needed in the moment 

  • Create more of your intended learning by working with what’s in the room

Alchemy Faculty

Faith .jpg



Faith is co-owner and President of CRR Global. She is a psychologist and experienced trainer and coach, with over 15 years of experience in working with organizations, couples and communities. 


Faith takes a systems approach to coaching, namely that all aspects of the system need to be addressed in order for effective change to occur. 


Her particular skill is empowering powerful, productive and joyous relationships in couples, partnerships and teams . She also has a background in consultation, team building, conflict resolution and community crisis intervention.


Some of her clients include:
The Coaches Training Institute, YMCA, Oakland Interagency Childrens’ Policy Council, Horizon Services Inc., Bristol Hospital (England), Monkton Wilde Center (England), Beacon Schools, Boeing, Narcotics Education League, Mandana House, Vocolot Performances, Highland Health Psych. Center, and Perry Point VA Center.




Yuri has been an active player in professional coaching field since 2004. Prior to her career in coaching, Yuri worked as a management consultant specializing in organizational development and human resource management. After completing her coaching certification at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), she became a trainer for CTI Japan in the coach training programs and has since developed more than 2,000 coaches.

She launched Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Program in Japan and founded CRR Japan in 2009. Currently she is a global faculty member of CRR Global developing professional organizational coaches around the world.

Yuri designs and facilitates workshops for Executive teams, project teams, leader teams, departmental teams in organizations to empower their leadership as both individual and as team. She integrates her business background and her passion for coaching, that enables to create alive and empowering space for clients to transform into the next level.

Alchemy Workshop Fees


  • SGD$2660 | AUD$2660 for solo registration

  • SGD$2500 | AUD $2500 per person (if registering as a pair)


Alchemy is a virtual offering held over 3 full-days or 6 half-days.


Should we receive sufficient demand for Alchemy, we intend to conduct the session virtually in Q3-Q4 of 2021.


Please note that the format of the session is subject to change.

Register your interest to attend Alchemy and we will connect with you upon release of new workshops.