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Alchemy: The Art and Science of Co-Facilitation

Upscale your leadership through the power of co-facilitation. Based on the ORSC model, Alchemy is a three-day course designed for pairs that: ​co-facilitate, co-lead, co-present or co-coach.​ ​ Magical co-facilitation doesn't just happen. But knowing how to mix science and systems theory with ver

Alchemy: The Art and Science of Co-Facilitation
Alchemy: The Art and Science of Co-Facilitation

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD


What is Alchemy?
  • Learn to shift your attention from yourselves as individuals to the power of your relationship
  • Learn the strengths and edges of who you are in your partnership
  • Learn how to create psychological safety, trust, permission in the room and your partnerships
  • Walk away with tools to support and create a wise, dynamic partnership that is courageous, resilient and committed to delivering value to your  stakeholders

Why Alchemy?

Understand the impact of ORSC and Systems Inspired Leadership on facilitation

  • Co-partnership requires skilful interaction, and this course offers skillsets to enable co-partnership in a facilitative setting
  • The use of self and self awareness is critical in professional settings and personal relationship, take a sneak peak of some skillsets and mindsets of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (even if you have no prior experience)
  • Systems Inspired Leadership requires artful and courageous leadership, this course offers tools for application in a room full of people

Master your impact on participants / colleagues and their learning

  • Charm participants to enhance their success
  • Model intended behaviours as you are teaching them
  • Set or change the energy and pace consciously and intentionally
  • Craft clever transitions when moving from one section to another

Apply adult learning theory and neuroscience

  • Ensure the learning sticks by setting participants up for success
  • Point participants’ attention to what you want them to learn
  • Have fluid, meaningful debriefs that cement this new learning
  • Give generous and incisive feedback

Create chemistry with your co-facilitator

  • Align so you can deliver together seamlessly - even if you have just met
  • Be aware of and receptive to your co-facilitator and the energy of the group
  • Make each other shine – even when you disagree
  • Help learners see your co-facilitator’s brilliant demonstration of what you are teaching

Have easy command instead of a regimented power and control style of teaching

  • Shift from focusing on your agenda to focusing on what your learners need
  • Trust yourself so you can tear up your script and respond to what’s needed in the moment
  • Create more of your intended learning by working with what’s in the room

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