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What is Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™)?

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) by CRR Global combines 'systems thinking' with coaching. In addition, to Relationship Systems Intelligence®, ORSC™ combines the philosophies and methodologies from Process Work, Organization Development Theory, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, and Co-Active Coaching™. 


It is the first ICF-accredited Team & Systems coaching program in the world. 



Present in 18 countries across 34 locations all over the world, ORSC™ has been experienced by thousands of practitioners.

ORSC™ tools have impacted teams and relationship systems in both large multi-national corporations and smaller family-owned businesses, in various institutions in the public sector, not-for-profits, non-governmental organizations and civil society groups, as well as within individuals and families.


What does this mean for you?


By becoming an ORSC™ practitioner, you will become aware of your own impact in the bigger picture and be able to consciously design your relationships. You will learn an invaluable set of tools to coach others to do the same.


It also helps that by the time you complete the Systems Integration Module at the end of the ORSC™ Intermediate Series, you will have access to 40 tools and 27 skills.

Why ORSC™?


With ORSC™, you will go beyond one-on-one coaching and be equipped with a practitioner's toolkit on how to coach the relationship system. You will get to see the system as the client.


As we are always in relationship with others, being able to shift the focus from the individuals to the system allows us to access and utilize the team and the organization's collective intelligence. In this VUCA environment, learning ORSC™ tools that adapt to organizational complexity offers you a compelling edge.

ORSC™ helps you to harness the innate potential in all your partnerships; at work and in life. Whether you are a life coach, an executive coach, a team leader or a HR professional, ORSC™ offers you practical tools to work with relationships better.

A Global Gold Standard for Coaching by the International Coaching Federation, the ORSC™ Program offers philosophy and methodologies that combine coaching, consulting, mediation, organization development and process work for practitioners who want the heart-set, mindset and skillset needed to impact their environment.


Just like how business systems optimize business operations, ORSC™ focuses on relationship systems that the people who help run your business, help grow your business.

The 5 RSI Principles Enable You To:



  • A systemic view of all human interaction that enables teams to see themselves as part of a larger system creating an impact and being impacted in a dynamic, interconnected flow

  • Enables effective and skillful navigation of change and human interactions



  • Shifts from an individual focus to leading the team as a system

  • Accessing information and wisdom from the Team Entity, a unique collective intelligence that is capable of transforming a team's potential



  • Enables distribution of leadership role throughout the team & gets rid of bottlenecks

  • Fortifies the feeling of common goals & draws upon the various skills available in the team



  • Elevates level of inter-connectedness that leads to higher levels of trust and honest dialogues leading to new and better ways of working together

  • Stimulates inspiration, positivity & innovation

  • Harnesses creative potential of diversity, paving the way for top performers



  • Framework leverages the interdependent relationships among team members to support the collective potential of the team/system

  • Accelerates its creativity, connection and performance

  • Enables access to raw potential in a team, allowing its inherent intelligence & creativity to emerge

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