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Systems approach to coaching for 1-1, team and teams of teams

Navigate the complex human relationship (systems)

Systems approach to managing relationships at work

and team effectiveness

Upskill leadership skills for transformation and growth

Elevate team morale and resilience

Effective and open communication

Working with conflicts constructively

Increased creativity, productivity and positivity with teams

We believe that relationship matters from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond.

One of the most complex systems to navigate is that of different relationship systems that exist in the human and team dynamics of your organization and even in life. But once you develop a systems approach, you learn to work with the entire eco-system.

RSI@Work for School Leaders is a customized training program focused on enabling you and your team in the areas of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™️). RSI@Work is a customised version of the Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) by CRR Global which is a program for leaders that combines 'systems thinking' with coaching. ORSC™ is the first International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Team and systems coaching program in the world.

Combining different approaches and frame of references of systems approach to coaching, systems leadership, alignment, conflict management and resilience, this course is designed to provide foundational training in Relationship Systems Intelligence while leveraging skill-building scenarios tailored to your organization and specific situations.

School Leaders and Educators work with a bewildering array of reporting structures, team meetings, cross departmental communications, colleague collaborations, clients, vendors and stakeholders - all of which require good relationship skills to be successful. 

People are the heart, head, and muscle in an organization - a powerful asset. In unprecedented times like the present, your people matter even more. Change is in motion and their attention is acutely focused on the leader, looking to make sense of what’s happened and how to move forward amidst disruption. This is the flipside of change that is the opportunity and it’s making its presence felt. 

Schools thrive when their people do



In this professional development event, we train and school leaders, and educators to access practical and applicable ICF Accredited Organization and Relationships Systems (ORSC®) tools and team coaching skills to enhance and elevate organizational performance.

The impact of RSI@Work is felt long after the course ends, becoming an integral component to supporting a learning and growth culture.




  • Share the role of “leader” throughout the entire team, department and organization

  • Be more engaged, inspired and adept at navigating politically-charged situations

  • Create a culture of positive interaction and high achievement. Build morale, increase productivity, and have more fun at work.

  • Identify the sources of negativity in a team, and what to do to help team members choose a more productive way to relate with one another.

  • Grow more resilient, positive and fearless in the face of conflict.

  • See how individuals and departments impact one another, and be better equipped to identify and address possible improvements.

  • Ensure that their teams and individuals are better equipped to handle complexity of human emotions and relationship interactions.

What is Relationship Systems Intelligence?

Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™️) goes beyond the concepts of emotional and social intelligence. RSI harnesses the power of the entire system; which can include the self, relationships between 2 or more people with a common purpose. This is a whole new paradigm developed by CRR Global. It provides the fundamental principles Systems Leadership is built upon.


RSI is the ability to maximize one’s relationship with a group, team or system and create work environments that facilitate production human interactions, leverage conflict creatively, and skilful change management. Teams with higher RSI have proven to be more productive, achieve greater team cohesion and satisfaction while still supporting operational and business objective.


At its crux, RSI is the basis of systems leadership and transformation work.

Emotional Intelligence - RSI - CRRAPAC

Emotional Intelligence
The capacity to identify, express and skilfully leverage emotions

Social Intelligence - RSI - CRR APAC

Social Intelligence
The capacity to accurately empathize with another’s experience and create relationship

Relationship Systems Intelligence - RSI - CRR APAC

Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™️)

The ability to navigate complex human relationships, dynamics (culture at work) and emotions. What happens is not only personal, but it also belongs to the system

The 5 RSI Principles Enable You To:

Systems Leadership & School Leaders

RSI@Work is a highly customised training program designed to provide foundational training in equipping School Leaders with Relationship Systems Intelligence tailored to your context in schools and specific situations.

It is an advanced and courageous way of approaching leadership and team interactions. The basic principle of RSI is the redirection of focus from the individuals within the system, to the whole system as an entity in itself. This shift in focus enables Leaders, teams and organizations to move beyond personal concerns and petty conflicts to a positive and generative group identity. The strength of a team’s identity provides resilience and the resources necessary to navigate the constantly changing challenges schools and leaders face.

RSI@Work-Systems Inspired Leaders 1-CRRAPAC
Systems Inspired leaders can hold the ENTIRE team, department or organization as their focus
RSI_Work-Systems Inspired Leaders 2-CRRAPAC

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16 hour
training program


  • 2 x full-days


Delivery mode:

  • Face to face

RSI@Work-Enterprise Transformation-CRRAPAC.png


Next Run:

22-23 August 2024

15-16 October 2024

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