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Module 2

A Roadmap For Change


Intelligence: A Roadmap for Change is the first out of the 4 modules of the Advanced Intermediate Series in the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) Program.


Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary. Change is the new normal and Transformation is the new era. Our ability to navigate change is the hallmark of a system’s (i.e. partnership, team, organization, family, community, nation) health.


This module tackles the single most important catalysts for change: Buy-In and Ownership. The ORSC™ roadmap for change critically addresses emotional and psychological safety in change management, organizational development and transformation acceleration efforts.

Course Outline


A common organizational and leadership challenge is getting the workforce to “buy-in” to change. Often resistance is met when the blueprint for change addresses the rational and satisfying the cognitive thirst but overlooks the critical emotional and psychological inertia that is linked to our flight, flight or freeze response when under the assumed threats of change.


A model for working with change is introduced that includes how to stay ahead of the change, navigating change intentionally and intelligently and working with the different styles of response to change.


You will learn to shift the perspective of “Who is doing what to whom?” to “What is trying to happen?”. It is one of our most impactful courses in shifting participants from seeing blame, resistance, conflict, confusion, indifference to ‘reading’ the dynamics of the situation and the relationship system involved. This introduces a more constructive approach to working with change from a different and broadened perspective. It equips you with the skills of navigating the current situation into the desired future orientation.


You will continue to uncover at a deeper level, the ORSC™ cutting-edge coaching model based dynamically on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching™.


A model that will invigorate the way you work as a coach and leader.




Learning Outcomes


You will learn to be competent with the module’s robust tools and skills for increasing emotional resilience in the face of change.


With Intelligence: A Roadmap to Change, you will:


  • Understand how to work with intense emotional fields that arise in human interactions in change dynamics

  • Explore and map the role unseen signals and emotions play in team/relationship dynamics and organizations

  • Learn how to help others establish a “locus of control”. Develop a useful technique for looking at all the forces for and against a decision

  • Recognize and work with resistances through working with known, unfamiliar processes and identities to increase response-ability, buy-in and ultimately, responsibility

  • Appreciate the basic tools of Process Work - Signals and Change Theory - to rapidly access raw data into the collective wisdom

  • Skillfully navigate discomforts like triggers, fatigue and overwhelm in individuals, partnerships and teams

  • Uncover and capture all the voices as systems thinking, futures thinking, design thinking, and tri-sectorial thinking complementary process to reveal what needs to happen next. The tool used to facilitate this process is favored when working with conflict, diversity and inclusion, paradoxes and simply put, what most would consider “complex but important” considerations. It is also the tool especially useful in innovation, transformation and policy-making initiatives.

  • Be introduced to realize why Systems Inspired Leadership is required to navigate the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment

Who Would Benefit

  • Human growth partners

  • Organizational Development, Human Resource and Training professionals.

  • Organizational Leaders, CEOs, Managers and Executives  

  • Experienced Coaches, Transformation and Leadership Coaches  

  • Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters

  • Consultants

  • Change Agents and Leaders

  • Policymakers, futurists and systems workers



ORSC™ Fundamentals or ORS@Work

ICF Accreditation

By completing the ORSC Intelligence course, you will receive a certificate and qualify for 18 ICF Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs).

Course Outline
Learning Outcomes
Who Would Benefit
ICF Accreditation
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